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Changing Definitions

Changing Definitions


Unlike the generations before them, the youth today is unassumingly, an optimistic bunch. Their belief that “the world is a good place to live in”, is backed by the power to better it. Family and personal achievements define happy for most. While 33% of the youth lives in happy families, 21% is happy to boast personal achievements. And there are no points for guessing that a good 15% attribute happiness to their friends and partners.

What is the main reason for your happiness?

You cannot talk today’s youth into something. Peer pressure is no more an active phenomena. Call it being selfish, but the youth likes to choose and decide for itself.

It’s true that the youth derives most of their power by belonging to a larger group; they never forget to acknowledge their own, personal identity.



45% of the youth, crown their Parents as role models. While, 25% are blatant about having no one as their role model. They do not have a singular Icon name. Another, 19% want to be like someone in the family (apart from parents).

What remains is a poor 10%, who name a public figure as their Icon.

Hot Fav Role Models :

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

APJ Abdul Kalam

Steve  Jobs

Things they  look up to someone for: 

Professional success & life values