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About MTVPlay

Know MTV Play

What is the site?

The youth isn't anything like they were even 3 years back. MTV has co-created the 'Universe of Young' where you can get a peek in their lives, their thoughts, their needs, even their fears. The website design, the lingo and grammer, even the puns signify the attitude and ambitions of the Young. Get young, yet again!

Who is this for?

Whether you area Brand/Product/Category Manager trying to keep in pace with your target group, a C-Suite executive who wants an overview of what youth want or a creative hotshot waiting to hit on the idea, take a walk through the site! Subscribe to regular insight feeds and stay updated on trends.

And how did MTV create this site?

MTV Play is first insight portal where we co-create the world of Youth along with them. MTV has connected a youth community - MTV ISpeak - across numerous colleges 10+ cities in India comparising 100+ core members. The core members have been handpicked by MTV through an on-groud and on-line selection. The MTV-ISpeak output is researched by Third Eye Research Agency and MTV Consumer Insights desk. Thihs reaseach is further substantiated through MTV's body of Indian and International research. These researches are mix of qualitative and quantitative researches spanning 3000 audiences.

How can you use this site?

Putting all the cool stuff that MTV knows into one place provides us with:

  • A tool to keep us close to our audience - the Youth
  • A sounding board for new ideas
  • Inspireation for communicating with our audience
  • Great material for presentations

In this site, the 'Young Speak' captures how the Young'uns behave and express themselves. And "MTV Says" is our translation of observations into insights.

The Team

MTV Insights desk in association with various research agencies.