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Crushing on Candy Crush

There was Angry Birds, then there was Temple Run, and many more in between. The power of these games sitting on your mobile, tempting you in the middle of class, or in the middle of the night to keep on playing, is something that the smart phone phenomena has done to Indian youth in the last couple of years.

The latest in the series is Candy Crush Saga- King’s new game that is driving the young crazy.

We asked some of these kids why it’s so alluring. Here’s what they said:

-”It’s REALLY addictive. Especially because it keeps making me wait for ‘lives’!”

-”I want to keep playing it because I want to know how much ‘tougher’ it gets”

-”I play on my own, but I know what levels my friends are on, and I want to beat them- it’s not a very tough game, I just have to keep at it!”