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Apple vs. well, anything that’s not Apple.


The king of phones seems to be having a shaky reign currently. We’ve been talking to a lot of young people who are suddenly rolling their eyes at Apple phones. We asked them why and here are some of the answers we got-

“It’s just too expensive! Other phones are just as good. Who care about it being a status symbol thing?”

“You can’t do simple things on the iPhone! Like exchange music, use Bluetooth, or customize your own ringtone. And please, why is it so expensive?”

There was even a recent trending topic on twitter ‘#YouKnowItsAppleWhen’. Some of the tweets were:

#YouKnowItsAppleWhen you can't find a reason why you could have saved all that money you spent on that :D:D:D

#YouKnowItsAppleWhen you switch on the Bluetooth and no phone can find it.

#YouKnowItsAppleWhen the screen crashes with ease and you can’t ever afford to get it repaired

#YouKnowItsAppleWhen people are camped out 2 days before a launch.

Evidently, there’s some kind of shift happening in the world of smart phones. Guess we’ll watch this space to see who wins the Game of Phones. 


Published in August 2013