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MTV Youth Times

The Electronic Generation

Gone are the days when the youth felt the need to rebel or express their individuality through music that has deep, meaningful lyrics or complicated, strained riffs. The scene now seems to be changing, to music that involves them through minimal involvement. Yes, that’s right. The preference seems to be shifting to music which is easy to understand, flexible and which fulfills their innate desire to dance.   

Through a quick survey we found that 75% of youth said that the lyrics are not important in a song. “Lyrics are not important because I prefer a good beat that will get me active and keep me active. Even if there are lyrics which don’t make sense but they sound good, I’d be happy to listen to the song”.   

 EDM- Electronic Dance Music or fast, trippy beats of similar genres emerged as the rage with them.  85% of respondents mentioned EDM as one of their choices when we asked them to name their top 3 preferred genres. Interestingly, the majority of respondents picked 3 different genres that were completely contrasting visa vie convincing us that they are loyalists of one genre.

So this is what is tickling their pickle now - is this a short lived fad or here to stay? You can never tell with this lot!