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Online to offline

Talking to strangers was a taboo in our society till recently. And it sure has come a long way from then. Young people make new friends and expand their social circle through the internet.



Social media to make friends




Maintaining one’s social media avatars is a serious affair today. As strange as it sounds, it is becoming increasingly important to carry oneself well on the social media ramp. And the youth today takes great interest in managing their social profiles well.

From tinkering photographs to choosing words on social media, everything is a conscious decision. Youth manage multiple profiles to maintain relationships with different entities e.g. friends, colleagues, bosses, family and siblings. However friendly they are with people, their private life will always be a limited edition.



Apart from all that, young people are aware that there is always the danger of digital going wrong. 24% of the youth interviewed, confirmed that at least one of their friend’s social media account has been hacked in the recent months.

And misuse of information on the internet is a phenomena, fast catching-up. 27% agree that at least one of their friends shared more than reasonable personal information on internet and it was misused.

Amidst all the digital malevolence, awareness is the only weapon to fight this chaos, and these young users of social media know this.




Hanging on out social media is the most frequented daily online activity; followed by email video and surfing for own interest.


Digital Acitivty - youth

Social media is the favourite timepass for both larger and smaller cities, but the latter show higher interest in multimedia entertainment.

Email and surfing for personal interest is an acquired habit developed through ages and multimedia loses its appeal for the older audience. 

  • Social networking remains almost constant across age-groups.
  • Incidence of connecting to email shoots up with age.
  • However, video downloads is less popular with the older audience

Type of digital acitvity- age

Type of digital acitvity- age


Type of digital acitvity


Type of digital acitvity- age