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The Changing Word

The Changing Word

As told by Phalguni N, age 22


In our world, change in lingo takes place faster than you can spell fast. Sometimes it’s hard for even us to stay tuned. We’re putting together a list to educate the general public, so they can attempt to keep up with us!


Uggo | [uhg-go]|    Adjective

Used to described an extremely ugly person/ thing. This term is derived from the erstwhile ‘ugly’, especially when one is too lazy to say "extremely ugly”.


A: My cat looks like she’s scared of me..
B: That's 'cause you're so uggo!

A: What?

B: Haha. Just kidding!



Fo shizz | [fo-shi- izz]  Phrase

Other usages ( fo shizzle, fo shizzle my nizzle)


Same thing as "for real", and if you don’t know what that is- then, here you go-  It means that you are serious about something with a little less seriousness.


A: We should go for that gig on the weekend..                                                    

B: Uh, yeah, Fo shizz!            



Deffo  | [Deaf-fo]   Adverb

Other usages ( fo deffs, def, deffy def, deffo McDefferson)


Short for the formerly used, ‘definitely’. Again, mostly used if you’re too lazy (or don’t know the spelling) of definitely


A: Will you come to see those movies with me?

B: Deffo!


Nom|  [nom]    Adjective

Literally, the sound effect that is made when eating. The "OM" is the chew. A noise that people make to indicate something is delicious.


A:I had a big red velvet cupcake the other day.. 

B:Oh, that’s so nom!


Safe| [pronounced just like the actual English word]           

3 meanings: 
            1. a cool person 
            2. to signify agreement 
            3. to signify something is good

1: Neha lent me an album, she's so safe. 
2:"who wants chocolates?" "yeah, safe" 
3: "what do you think of this song?" "it's safe! Awesome!"